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Secure Your Business With Tragopan: Professional UK Retail Security Solutions

Trust Your Store Safety with a Reliable Retail Security Partner

A Secure Shopping Experience – Powered by Tragopan Security Solutions. Get top-of-the-range retail security round the clock with our UK-wide service! All-day, all-night protection for your business. As a security specialist, Tragopan Security Solutions understands that retail businesses must prioritize security to succeed. With our unbeatable cross-sector knowledge, highly trained security staff, and rapid response times, we have been a leading security provider for retailers since the early ’90s.

From shoplifting to criminal behavior and organized crime, no security threat is too big or small for us to handle. Put your trust in us and get the comprehensive security package to keep people, property, and assets safe and secure.

Let Our Professional Guards Protect Your Retail Store!

Whether looking for retail security services or a comprehensive solution, Tragopan Security Solutions is your one-stop shop. Our highly trained and experienced guards will watch over the shop floor, deter any suspicious activity, and promptly respond to any crime or safety issues. We also offer emergency services like fire prevention, first aid, and evacuation services to ensure that your shop and its customers are always safe. With Tragopan Security Solutions, you can rest assured that your business is always secure.

  • Top-notch Retail Security Professionals – Ready to Protect!
  • All the Security You Need: Video surveillance, patrols, keyholding, 24-hour emergency response
  • Get Quality Service at Competitive Rates
  • Take the Worry Out of Shopping – L

Prevent Break-Ins at Your Retail Business with Patrol Mobiles!

Your retail security should not be a cause for concern. You are in the right place seeking Tragopan Security Solutions! With extensive coverage and foot patrols, our experienced mobile guards ensure that every square foot of your building is protected. 

Get an effective deterrent and a quick response to any security breaches, with vehicles marking your site and keeping your entire site secure. With Tragopan Security Solutions, you can be confident that your property is always safe!

Get Protected with Retail CCTV Setup and Surveillance

At Tragopan Security Solutions, we offer a comprehensive CCTV package to protect retail locations. With our bespoke installation and 24/7 monitoring services, you can rest assured that our fully trained and qualified personnel will provide you with the highest security and peace of mind. From effective visual deterrents to first-response platforms, we’ll help you create the perfect CCTV solution for your retail store. 

Whether you’re looking for a basic surveillance system, or something more sophisticated, our team of experts can create a tailor-made solution that meets your exact requirements. Our team will provide professional installation, monitoring, and maintenance services to ensure that your security measures are always up-to-date.

Spotting Shoplifters: We Provide Store Detective Services

Take your security to the next level with Tragopan Security Solutions! Our experienced and professional store detectives are here to provide the business with eye and ear coverage. If you need to resolve a problem on your store floor, rest assured that our highly trained and discreet personnel will handle it professionally and subtly. As far as taking statements, conducting interviews, conducting investigations, and liaising with the police are concerned, we can do it all. Let us safeguard your stock and employees to the fullest extent possible as your trusted partner.

Take Control of Your Business with Tailor-Made Protection!

Unlock the key to comprehensive security solutions with Tragopan Security Solutions! Our company has provided industry-leading security solutions to businesses in various UK industries for over two decades. From security officers to protect retail sites to personal protection officers to protect hotel receptions to alarm responses and CCTV systems, we’re the key to keeping your business safe. Our SIA-certified and trained security officers have earned ACS approval as Approved Contractors, so you can trust that you’re safe. Unlock the key to security with Tragopan Security Solutions today!

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