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Our top security services in the UK will help you keep your logistics and distribution operations running smoothly with a complete sense of protection.A theft in the logistics sector can have serious operational, financial, and reputational repercussions. That’s why we have created our broad range of security solutions to address the needs of the industry.

Our fully trained and licensed security guards are ready to take on any challenge. With them on your side, you can ensure your company is safe from potential thefts so that you can sleep easily at night. We’ve covered whether you’re looking for round-the-clock monitoring or occasional reassurance.

We are your one-stop shop for logistics and Distribution Security in the UK. Let us take on the challenge of guarding your business while you concentrate on your core business objectives. Make us your trusted partner, and let us help you stay one step ahead of theft in the logistics industry.

Guards On Night Watch

We want you always to feel confident that your site is safe and secure with Tragopan Security Solutions. Our night guards are experienced and well-equipped to track and comprehend all safety regulations and investigate and secure any hazardous situation. We take pride in our commitment to delivering the highest quality protection, assuring you that your properties, staff, and business objectives are secure.

Take steps to safeguard your property with Tragopan Security Solutions. We are available 24/7, minimizing any risks to your business, property or people. With our highly trained guards, you can sleep tight, knowing that your safety and security are in the hands of professionals.

High-end Access and Entrance Protection

We offer a full range of on-site security services, with an emphasis placed on quality and professionalism.

We train our guards to perform all duties associated with protecting people and property. Whether patrolling, monitoring CCTV screens, escorting staff, or responding to emergencies, we provide the necessary protection to ensure a safe and secure working environment.

For balanced security services, choose Tragopan Security Solutions. We guarantee your staff and premises will be safe and secure while providing professional and courteous service.

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Frequenct Asked Questions

To perform ‘licensable’ activities, security guards must hold SIA licenses. All of our employees also receive online training in first aid and health and safety so that we can send officers with specific training if needed.

security officer’s training includes many duties that prepare them for any eventuality, including:

  • Controlling access to your gatehouse/reception.
  • Providing mobile security to your property and site regularly.
  • Monitoring your CCTV system for intruders and responding to them.
  • Preventing the escalation of unwanted situations.
  • Management of logbooks, post, telephone calls, and greeting visitors.

Despite being unable to carry out the same duties as police officers, security guards can make ‘citizen’s arrests’ under certain conditions, for example, if they witness a crime, protect others, or prevent damage until the police arrive.

We strive to be as flexible and responsive as possible at Tragopan Security Solutions. We aim to provide you with the protection you need as quickly as possible, regardless of how far in advance you plan your security needs.

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